31 Jul

Is it a suffix? Is it a prefix? These are the life-changing questions that continue to pester Eduardo Inda Óscar Campillo and the Marca staff. They’ve stretched the limits with OrgasMou covers before. We’ve shed tears over their deplorable feats of pronunciation engineering with the Mounager cover. In fact, here at No, Srslr we’ve mocked this brand of Mousterbation with the intense loathing the Special One would only reserve for UEFA appeal hearings.

But Marca have gone to new lengths this morning in their suffix/prefix Mounipulation of Sr. Entrenador’s name, this time splicing into El Gato’s once reviled family name to declare, once and for all (until he hits a dry spell and suddenly isn’t worth €41mil), that Karim Benzema is the Mouster’s preferred striker option. “BenzeMou,” blushes the front page, knowing full well that three months from now it will read “BenzeBoo,” but such is life at the hands of the pun masters at Mouca.

At some point you just have to stand up and applaud: no publication could be more vapid.

Marca, Mou Mouly Mou Mouet Mourself Moupart.


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