No, Srslr: STFU

25 Feb

Here’s the homepage of, the internet base for publishing whatever comes out of the writers’ orifices at their Madrid HQ. Here we see the trainers of the two biggest teams in Spain, the teams given all of the money, all the pride of place, all the consideration, complaining about how tough it is being them. Mourinho is mad because he can’t just set his team’s schedule as he sees fit; Pep wants you to know that Mou has more prestige than him, and when he loses he will be criticized. The horror for these guys and their privileged, pampered, protected, pompous piece of shit sporting/business hybrid international operations entities!!!


Enough already. Just shut up. No one cares. Would you like more favorable calls in games? Would you like the league to be further and then completely weakened so that you get 36 Liga cakewalks a year? Would you like the most marketing? How about first pick of the world market of elite players? Would you like unlimited resources and unlimited spending? Want to be so financed that you’re completely protected from your own poor signings and wasteful spending? How are your bloated payroll and laughably overloaded rosters treating you? Can we get you some more prestige? Would you like fries with that? Can we get you anything else while we work on writing some rules requiring everyone to forfeit games against you?


Will that be all?


2 Responses to “No, Srslr: STFU”

  1. Zizou 2011/03/01 at 1:54 PM #

    Just wanted to thank Cleareyesfullhearts for his awesome comment on the realoffside :) i’m guessing this is your blog as i just clicked the link in your name.

    • jrmrhr 2011/03/01 at 2:51 PM #

      thanks, zizou! it IS my blog–or one of them. : ) you should come back again–i have a feeling oyu’d enjoy/appreciate the majority of the content.

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