Whiner’s delight

9 May

“A big push toward the title” – howls Marca, complaining that, near the end of Barcelona’s 2-3 victory over Sevilla in the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, Piqué was shamelessly not called for a penalty on Freddie Kanouté.  “The refereeing error could be worth the league title!”  As we know, Madrid are one point behind Barcelona with one week left of matches, so had Sevilla tied Barcelona, Real Madrid would be the leaders.  At this point Marca have lost all interest in celebrating Real Madrid’s 5-1 win on the day, instead choosing to squeeze all their rotten eggs into one stinking bottle of Castilla whine.

The play was clearly a foul by Piqué, but also just as clearly not a penalty that any ref would call.  The irony is lost on Marca, as always, that 30 minutes earlier their beloved Real Madrid did receive a penalty and the benefit of an Athletic Bilbao player being red carded for an inadvertent handball in the area.

Piqué was not guilty of a penalty, but this is Marca’s only hope now: that somehow the refs will feel pressure to call things Real Madrid’s way during the final week of matches.  It’s the kind of straw-grasping that could make even the most staunch Real Madrid and Marca hater (not unlike this blog) shake his/her head in sadness.  This is not schadenfreude anymore; this is just pitiful.

Wait — no it’s pretty enjoyable.  Haha, Marca!  Get a brain, morans!


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