As the Marca turns…

7 May

April 29th edition: “Mou[rinho], you’ve earned it” – gushes a breathless Marca after Mourninho’s Inter Milan finally broke through Barcelona’s winning ways in the Champions League.

It’s odd how conceited Marca can remain while simultaneously bowing low before the Portuguese coach.  The cover explains what the headline means (in case we couldn’t tell – or haven’t already pointed it out on this blog): “…Passage to the final” and “…Your signing for Real Madrid”.  Let’s consider the initial headline in this light.  Yes, Inter Milan has “earned” a trip to Madrid to dispute the Champions League crown.  Very true, Marca!  But for them to then so pompously announce to the world that Mourinho has won their approval is quite ridiculous.

It’s not even their approval, though – they are already talking about him like he is currently the new coach.  Before he was just the coach they were wanting to sign, but now he’s earned the right to be speculated upon at length?  Good job, Mourinho!  Before, Eduardo Inda (Marca’s editor) was only pretty sure he wanted to stroke you gently in a very private way.  Now, though, after slaying the giant, he smiles up at you and says, “You’ve earned it, big boy…  I’ll be putting your ‘Oh face’ right on the cover.”


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