The look of a champion

23 Apr

Vuelve Kaká

I’m not sure if Marca have gone all anti-Kaká on the world now that they love Rafael VdV so much and want Guti’s travelling tattoo farm to have its proper swan song, but take a look at that photo.   “Kaká returns”… see?  Look!  Now he is grimacing WITH the team instead of in the press box.

There’s nothing like having a dip in form while playing for Madrid two years after you were the world’s best player to bring out a grimace.  If they turn over mediapuntas at RM as quickly as they do coaches, then watch out Kaká!  You’ll be tomorrow’s Sneijder, playing on a team that actually competes for a CL trophy!  Rafael VdV is the obvious exception to the “Florentino Pérez didn’t buy you, so you ain’t worth a damn around here” rule of the current campaign.  But of course, Kaká, you’ve heard the news that ol’ Flore wants to bring in even more people to play your position:  Fabregas?  Canales?  That guy from the dutch league?  …Mom?
I scream,  you scream,  we all scream for ice- KakágetthehelloutofMadridwhileyoucan -cream.

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