Hoy en la portada

21 Apr

When you’re Madrid, you’re never out of the Champions League (even though you’re ALWAYS out of the Champions League), because you just claim whoever’s winning as your next fichaje. So yesterday, when Mourinho did a number of things Madrid couldn’t do this year (win a knockout game in the CL, beat Barcelona, score against Barcelona), it wasn’t so much a win for Inter as it was another step in Mou’s long path toward the bench at the Bernabeu, a path no one outside of Marca believes he even wants to be on. But we’ll go ahead and count this as a W for Real.

Hala Madrid, or whatever.


3 Responses to “Hoy en la portada”

  1. jrmrhr 2010/04/21 at 9:43 PM #

    For the record, I get that the final is in Madrid, duh. But it’s hard to ignore the obvious double meaning Marca is pointing at here.

    Also for records, this blog won’t only be about Marca always. But damn if they aren’t a very consistent source of laughter and happiness for me.

  2. rrnchrmbrs 2010/04/21 at 10:46 PM #

    this cover is a perfect example of Marca’s vanity. even though they were knocked out of the CL, they still have plenty to talk about because:

    (a) they will always remind the world which of the remaining superstars still playing in the CL will be coming to RM next season (because the club lacks experienced winners!).

    (a.1) a brief aside to point out that RM apparently didn’t buy enough experience last summer with former influential CL winners xabi alonso (Liverpool ’04), Kaká (AC Milan ’07) and Cristy Ronda (ManU ’08). DO WANT MOAR WINNERZ!!!!

    (b) luckily for Marca (and Madrid), they can remain in the spotlight somewhat less obnoxiously because, as you pointed out, the final is in madrid this year.

    you can just hear them squealing, “it’s all about MEEEE!! MEE!! ME!!!!!” This has been such a fruitful season of ridiculous Marca covers. we should all be thankful.

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