Cristiano Ronaldo and Marca

16 Apr

Back and forth, forever.

Ah, the diagrammed goal. The dream of every Real Madrid player, one assumes, must be to have their goal immortalized not only with their celebrating, smiling face and some words about the immaculate quality with which they scored, but also a diagram showing exactly what steps the fichaje (do we still call them that? or is just Florentino’s Chosen One once the season begins?) took on his path to greatness. There is no greater honor (excepting, of course, the follow-up cover of superstar holding framed cover) a Real player can receive.

Which brings us to today’s portada, featuring CR9 with a look of satisfaction seen only when he knows he’s getting personal recognition. (It’s the extra teeth, I think, that really demonstrate just how pleased he is with himself.) He knows what he’s done, and he can only hope it’s diagram-worthy.  And it is, Cristiano!  It is.  Just look! Marvel at how he received the ball and thought only of shooting, or moving to a place to shoot (Marca has helpfully allowed us to see the game through CR’s eyes, by removing from the picture all other Real players/passing options not directly involved in bringing him the ball).  Observe the many defenders, running in vain to stop the mighty man/statue-fodder from his inevitable goal. And see in the same lovely shade of purple as his fancy boots, finally, how unlike the last 100 times CR went for the glory only to waste another possession, he beat Alves to save Real Madrid from certain destruction and, apparently, win the game single-handedly by leading Madrid’s fearless charge to actually play out the rest of the season. It’s hard to tell, but at any rate the man will not give up the league (there’s the leadership skills we’re always hearing about).  What a guy!  Marca has even made a new badge/stamp in honor of the sad, slow march to second place.

18 points to go, guys!


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