lolcat science!

25 Jul

lolcatWhy does this image cause such explosive laughter?  You tell me.  All I know is that I get quite a good belly laugh going every time I see it.  There’s a certain science, it seems, to “lolcat”-making.  There is a certain perfect misspelling or bungling of english in these pictures that, if done just so, somehow can make the inconceivable seem not only likely, but nearly totally real.  What I mean to say is this: I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that “I can has cheezburger?” is EXACTLY what the above cat was thinking and trying to communicate with such a joyfully oblivious grin.  Not all lolcats are created equal, however, and as we will see, one extra or misplaced word can ruin a perfectly good lolcat.  That doesn’t mean that they aren’t funny, though, as it seems there are several different comedic goals that lolcat makers have in mind.  For example:

invisible bikeThere is no misspelling.  No clever joke to make here, only the observation that this cat looks like it would be on a bike (if it were not so obviously just in the air).  This kind of lolcat is just having fun with the things cats do, and points out how those things are like human things.  The funny thing about a lot of lolcats is the fact that we really don’t know what they are thinking, so why couldn’t it be “this”?  In my opinion, a good lolcat not only attributes human qualities to a photo of a cat, but also creates a distinction between human and cat language and activities.  Example:

napkinsGetting the spelling just right is kinda tricky, but srslr, how does that not make us see cats in a different light?  It’s human language but ever so slightly un-human.  This is how, in my opinion, an lolcat achieves its greatness.  There are many more things to discuss concerning lolcats like: the science of misspelling, the perception of cats, lolcats and english, how not to make one, the origin of the first (above) lolcat, the reappearing trends, etc.  We look forward to further fleshing out this great e-phenomenon.

No, srslr.


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