Are you lolcat spurienced?

16 Mar

rrn and jrmr often chat about really important things, like the meaning of life, heartbreak, who will win in professional spanish soccer games, and so on. from time to time, we’ll bring you a transcript of one of our conversations so you can listen in. here, rrn sees the i can has cheezburger cat for the first time, and laughter ensues.


jrmr: i think the way the internet is ruining (my) english is pretty interesting.
rrn: Yes, it is interesting.  I think so, too.
jrmr: yeah, i guess you sort of just wrote a paper about it.
jrmr: but i really like writing like a mentally challenged 7 yr old lol.
rrn: haha
rrn: that’s how i feel sometimes
jrmr: laughing out loud -> LOL -> LOLZ -> LULZ ->wait, whaT?
jrmr: haha, well summarized.
jrmr: subs are a doooooollar off!
jrmr: lolz.
jrmr: so weird.
rrn: i know what you mean though, it’s like a new medium of expression and i’m still not sure i can express my whole personality or complete emotive range through chatting, but it’s FUN TO TRYEE!
rrn: with little misspellings like that and symbols, etc
jrmr: yeah.
jrmr: i think it’ll end up being good supplemental stuff.
rrn: barça lots in the champs leage
rrn: league
jrmr: like, i think lolcats is so funny bc it hits something really true and already present in us.
rrn: lolcats?
jrmr: and LOL is the best way to say “this is silly and i’m still laughing!!!
jrmr: HOLY [unprintable] DO YOU NOT KNOW THE LOLCATS>!??!?!
rrn: no!?
rrn: that seems vaguely familiar

jrmr: i can has cheezburger
jrmr: alternatively,
jrmr: but the first one has more classics.
rrn: what the [unprintable] why am i laughing so hard
rrn: wtf
jrmr: hahahahah i know!!!
rrn: wow
jrmr: every [unprintable] time i go here i am like crippled.
jrmr: haha.
rrn: that cat….
rrn: lalallalalhahaha
rrn: it is so stupid looking
rrn: and then it has bad english on it
rrn: lahahah
jrmr: yes yes yes.
jrmr: keep looking…there are so many good ones.
rrn: the first one is my fav so far
jrmr: oh man.
jrmr: it’s worth reading the wiki on lolcats.
rrn: ok
rrn: hahahsi’m still laughing
rrn: hahahah
rrn: i’m laughing so hard
rrn: i can’t stop
jrmr: hahahhaa.
rrn: wtf does this mean
jrmr: link me ones that you really like.
rrn: well the grey cat is the best by far
rrn: omg
jrmr: hahaha, that cat.
rrn: look at it
jrmr: that gray cat.
rrn: hahahahaha
jrmr: i know!!!!
jrmr: i’m actually crying right now.
jrmr: and i have seen this thing like 20 times.
rrn: it looks like a little fat 5 year old that has crappy english and just wants to eat.  he doesn’t even know how fat he is
rrn: and he’s just hungry
jrmr: yes yes yes.
rrn: i’m tearing a little
jrmr: yesyesyes.
jrmr: i’m laughing the laugh that makes no sound.
rrn: so dumb and oblivious and food-driven
jrmr: your commentary is making my sotmach hurt!!!
rrn: it reminds me of this kid i saw at worlds of fun once, who was just asking his dad if he could eat the pizza his DAD WAS EATING cause he was still hungry and very fat
rrn: hahah
jrmr: yeah. sometimes they go for cute and it’s still funny, but there are lots that are funny like the cheezburger one.
rrn: that first one is stil kdilling me
jrmr: there are certain, um…genres people.
jrmr: do.
jrmr: like the “invisible ______”
rrn: ok yeah i’ve seen a couple of those
rrn: yeah that’s good
jrmr: and the “________ cat”
rrn: hha i think i could laugh at anything right now
rrn: i’m so giggly from that first stupid cat
jrmr: and (one of my favorites) the ” _____ cat is in your ______, ______ing your _______”
jrmr: somehow the spelling “kitteh” always gets me.
rrn: yeah hahah
rrn: why?  hwat the [unprintable]
rrn: ahha
rrn: this one is really funny to me
rrn: funny-pictures-cat-prays-the-lock-on-the-door-works.jpg
jrmr: yeah!
jrmr: i jsut saw that one.
jrmr: sooooo good.
rrn: the one below it is good too
jrmr: do you think you’d feel super cool for having made the cheezburger one?
rrn: oh yeah
rrn: i would
jrmr: similarly entertaining for similarly no good reason is failblog.
rrn: that’s funny too yeah
jrmr: anyway, what i was saying before is, K and i talk in lolcat all the time now.
jrmr: like, in real life.
rrn: haha that’s funny
jrmr: and not just about cheezburgers!!!
rrn: i have spit on my computer screen from laughing uncontrollable
rrn: -bly
jrmr: i really want to take that pic around to people and gather a whole bunch of responses.
rrn: 2005798949605151449_rs.jpg
rrn: 2000805184425497087_rs.jpg
rrn: hahahaaaaa
rrn: i’m dying
rrn: 2002181591103321863_rs.jpg
jrmr: anyway, i want to tape people seeing cheezburger cat the first tiem.
rrn: i’ll look for some vids, unless you have some
rrn: yeah that would be really funny
jrmr: bc part of the wonder of it is, you can’t understand WHY you’re laughing.
rrn: it would probably make me laugh a lot
jrmr: you’re so confused–it’s not that funny!!!
rrn: right
rrn: but it’s just perfect and hilarious in the oddest way
rrn: yeah
rrn: i don’t know why it’s not worth describing
rrn: funny-pictures-kitten-loves-the-cheeseburger-machine.jpg
jrmr: (LOL)
rrn: “masheen”
rrn: haha
jrmr: the misspellings are so key.
rrn: yeah
rrn: really
jrmr: oh–also, some people are making a lolcat bible.
rrn: i’ve seen some of them
jrmr: like it’s a global project where you could sign up to write a chapter.
jrmr: oh, cool.
rrn: l_931e0db7f9794f89a28cb1adb31326a0.jpg
jrmr: haha, those are great.
rrn: wow haha
jrmr: jesus + lol = funny.
rrn: yeah.
rrn: agreed
jrmr: don’t know why, but “owned” got me giggling.
rrn: haha
rrn: wtf, why?! got me
rrn: lolL
jrmr: yeah, lol.
jrmr: wtf, why?!?!?!? it IS funny!!!
rrn: yeah it is
rrn: that doesn’t belong there!
jrmr: anyway.
jrmr: barca lost.
jrmr: lame.
jrmr: that would have been their 20th straight w/o loss!
rrn: wow shocking
rrn: i’m interested to see how things shake out around xmas in la liga
rrn: especially next weekend
jrmr: yeah. classico prediciton?
rrn: it’s in the camp nou right?
jrmr: yeah.
rrn: 4-1
jrmr: it’s hard to imagine it not being something like that.
rrn: yeah i know that’s ridiculous
rrn: jajaja
jrmr: “diabeetus”
rrn: yeah
jrmr: ok, i should go do teh studeez.
rrn: ok i’m on teh phone wit my dahd
jrmr: k.
jrmr: k thx bai.
rrn: laater
rrn: bye


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